Wallpaper removal services in Croydon, Lower Makefield & Bucks County, PA

Castle Painting can solve the problem of how to remove old, dated wallpaper.

Have you grown tired of your old, dated wallpaper in your house? Castle Paint can solve that problem quickly and restore your walls to beautiful, paint-ready walls. We have the right tools and know-how to professionally remove your wallpaper in Croydon, Lower Makefield & Bucks County, PA.

Removing wallpaper takes a lot of patience, and how the paper was originally installed will determine how easily it comes off. Some wallpaper can come off dry, especially if the wall was primed well and the correct amount of glue was used. In some cases, if the wall wasn't properly primed, the removal can cause damage. No chemicals of any kind are used! Just water and steam.

Our success at wallpaper removal comes from our vast knowledge of wallpaper and using only water and steam. This is where we differ from many of our competitors. Steaming dissolves the wallpaper paste, allowing the wallpaper vinyl or backing to be peeled off. Hopefully, the drywall underneath the wallpaper has been treated with a quality primer or sizing. If not, some drywall tearing may take place. A good quality oil based primer should always be used after wallpaper removal to block any glue residue that may be left behind.

The most common wall coverings for residential use was pre-pasted vinyl coated paper, commonly called "strippable," which can be very misleading. The term refers to vinyl portion of the paper. The cloth backing of the vinyl paper which is usually white or light brown in color is what usually needs to be scraped or steamed off. If you run into multiple layers of paper or paper that is painted over, or a combination of both, you're going to need a professional.

Be aware that wallpaper removal can be labor intensive and could cause some wall damage. Most removal damage is due to the product or lack of product that was used to prepare your walls for the wallpaper hanging. The lack of a quality wallpaper primer can cause the top layers of the wall surface to come off with the wallpaper backing. When this happens, we apply an oil based primer to the walls prior to wall repair.

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